Restorative dermatological cream

CYTOL CENTELLA is a repairing treatment intended for injured and damaged skin with clinically tested efficacy.

15 ml-50 ml


From birth, child, adult.
Face, body, folds and external mucous membranes.
• In surgery:
◦ Fresh wounds (post-operative, traumatic, etc.).
◦ Burns (stage 1,2 and 3).
◦ Dermabrasions, erosions, scrapes, abrasions.
◦ Loss of skin substances and chronic skin lesions (leg, heel ulcers: diabetic feet), bedsores.
◦ Skin graft sampling areas.
• In dermatology:
◦ Dermo-surgery.
◦ Pigmentary post-laser or vascular post-laser.
◦ Erythema: curative and preventive sunscreen (preparation of skin sensitive to the sun).
◦ Dry erythema.
◦ Eczema.
• In gynecology:
◦ Breast crevices (superficial and deep).
◦ Cesarean episiotomy.
◦ In postoperative.
• Thanks to the synergy between its dosage form and the pharmacological properties of the titrated extract (Asian acid, madecacic acid, asaticoside) and stabilized from Centella asiatica, a plant native to East Africa and India whose dermo- restorative and soothing have been demonstrated, CYTOL CENTELLA promotes better scab-free healing, accelerates epidermal reconstruction, soothes and cleanses damaged skin.

• First clean the area you wish to repair with physiological saline
• Apply CYTOL CENTELLA two to three times a day if necessary and in a thick layer most often.
• Gently remove exudates and necrotic tissue with a sterile dressing before reapplying.