Welcome to Dahlia Laboratory



DAHLIA laboratories specializing in dermo-cosmetics were born out of the passion and know-how of Doctor FAKHFAKH specialist in medicinal chemistry licensed from CYTOLNAT France laboratories.


Since its creation, Dahlia has devoted its energy and its skills to develop quality care which presents a real synergy between dermatology and cosmetology thus bringing the guarantee of an answer adapted to everything you need for your beauty, your hygiene and your health.

Dahlia laboratories have also implemented Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to guarantee the safety and quality of products for consumers.

Dahlia’s philosophy is to offer wellness, beauty and health care from natural origins loaded with effective active ingredients and with fine textures so that you can take care of your skin in a manner suited to your individual needs.

Nature at the heart of the vision of cosmetics
Dahlia laboratories worldwide select the most suitable plant species and extract the richest active ingredients to offer you health and beauty.

Proven effectiveness
Each product is subject to a complex development process and clinical tests which are based on rigorous protocols allowing to provide an adapted and targeted response.

The formulas are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, without parabens and formulated with a minimum of preservatives to best respect your sensitive skin.

Dahlia always strives to offer high-performance products at fair prices







• Respect for the balance of cell biology.
• Repair of damaged skin tissue without any toxicity to the cellular environment.
• Respect and protection of the environment from the development of formulas to the shipment of products

• Supply of nutrients to the skin cells concerned, while ensuring the strengthening of their immune defenses.
• Respect for animals: Dahlia does not carry out any test on animals, because it is in an approach of respect for the environment, nature and animals and because it is part of our principles.

Dahlia innovation By extending techniques and know-how, Dahlia makes new advances every year to meet all the expectations and different needs of each consumer.
Skin aging, hyperpigmentation, joint and muscular pain, child sores, burns,are problems that Dahlia has tried to address with beauty and health care combining natural efficiency and pleasure.

The Dahlia laboratories have started to market in pharmacies their first products “CYTOL CENTELLA” AND “CYTOL BASIC”, two repairing treatments based on medicinal plants and essential oils for the repair of damaged and damaged skin.These two products have been widely prescribed and recommended by the medical community both for their effectiveness and for the quality of their composition.

It all started in the years 2004, the Dahlia laboratories were founded under license from Cytolnat France laboratories. They have developed and formulated natural dermatological care active on the cells of the body providing effective solutions to daily problems and helping to visibly improve the health of the skin and hair.