The healing process

The first step in healing is inflammation accompanied by redness, swelling...

The healing process

Healing is a response of the skin when its continuity has been broken by a lesion (heat burn, chemical burn, wound, surgery) or by the direct action of free radicals (sunburn, ionizing radiation, etc.). The first step in healing is inflammation accompanied by redness, swelling, pain.

Immediately after the trauma, secretions from the blood and lymph vessels flood damaged tissues. When blood flow slows down, exudation (oozing) will provide the defence against infection and the cleansing (cleansing) of the wound. The white blood cells penetrate the inflamed tissue, clean the foreign bodies left by the wound, kill the bacteria and release substances that attract other white or white blood cells.

When inflammation subsides, the constructive phases of healing begin. They consist of the reproduction of new cells, identical to those damaged or the replacement by a scar of the tissue impossible to regenerate. However, the rate of healing can vary depending on the extent of the injury, but also on age, diet, stress, emotional environment… and we will add that some people treat themselves better than others, because to be quick and gentle, healing requires the cooperation of the patient.


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