Soothing Cream

CYTOLBASIC is a soothing and restorative dermatological cream which has been specially developed to soothe redness of irritated skin and reduce the feeling of discomfort.

With CYTOLBASIC your skin is soft, fresh and comfortable.

Tube 50 ml-100 ml


CYTOL BASIC is intended for skin attacked by:
sunburn, cold, wind, air conditioning, pollution, detergents, alkaline soap, hair removal, peeling, shaving, insect bites, …
face and body.
Thanks to grape seed extract, known for its effective soothing property, and Tocopherol acetate, a powerful plant extract rich in vitamin E known for its antioxidant and healing power, acting in synergy with the other constituents of the Cytol Basic product. :
• Soften the skin and immediately calm irritations.
• Reduce the feeling of tightness and soothe redness.
• Wrap the skin with a protective veil to confront external aggressions.
• Nourish, soften the skin and provide better hydratio

Apply CYTOL BASIC daily to the areas to be treated in a thick layer most often.