Intimate cleansing gel
physiological pH 5.5

CYTOLINTIMA is an intimate toilet gel with physiological pH 5.5, specially formulated to gently cleanse the genital mucosa and protect the balance of the vaginal flora.

  • Cytol Intima was designed with natural ingredients selected for their softening, soothing and hydrating properties.
  •  Christe Marine extract gently cleanses intimate mucous membranes without drying out.
    Lactic acid, a substance naturally secreted by the body fights against the proliferation of bacteria and maintains the natural balance of the genitals.
  • Hypoallergenic, soap-free and physiological PH, CYTOL INTIMA guarantees you perfect gentle hygiene.

100 ml bottle – 250 ml bottle


Suitable for women, men and children.
• Gently cleanses the genital mucosa.
• Soothes irritation and discomfort.
• Brings better hydration.
• Inhibits bacterial proliferation.
• Prevents the appearance of gynecological discomforts such as occasional irritation and itching.
• Protects the intimate mucous membranes and maintains the natural balance of the vaginal flora.
• Provides well-being and comfort.
• Has a soft gel texture and is very pleasant to use.

Wet the area to be washed with lukewarm water. Pour a small amount of the gel in the palm of your hand, lather with a little water before applying it, then rinse thoroughly with clean water and gently dry.

External use.